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Movie Film

Movie Film

SKU: 366615376135191

Hurry! Most movie film we see is deteriorating. If you want to preserve those memories, act fast!


Movie film is digitized on state of the art equipment and UltraHD and BluRay options are available.


Once we recieve your movie film, we will inspect the film to make sure it will be viable to digitize. Some film may be too brittle or deterorated beyond the point of salvagability. Rest assured we will do everything we can to preserve your precious memories!


*We have a $50 minimum on movie film and hence charge a $50 deposit. If the estimate is approved this balance will be applied towards your transfer service, if this estimate is not approved 50% will be refunded.


*We will total the number of your items once they arrive. No work will begin until your final estimate is approved. If the number of items matches what was provided here, the estimate will not change.

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