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Negative Strips

Negative Strips

Negatives are digitized in-house on premises by our expert staff. We can handle ALL formats up to 4x5 and larger! Due to the nature of film, we ask for a rough estimate of the number of negatives you will be sending and will contact you with a final estimate once we see the true quantity and format. We charge a small deposit which will be applied to the final bill, but not refunded if you choose not to go ahead with the work due to time and cost of labor.


We digitize negatives on state-of-the-art lab scanning equipment and can output up to 6000 DPI at an additional cost, as well as different file types. By default a 300 DPI "Print" file is provided which will print a 35mm negative up to 20x30 with ease. Negatives are always scanned at a higher resolution than the "Print DPI" dictates, but resulting file sizes and DPI can and will varry based on the negative itself. Rest assured, we can work with you to make sure you are getting the files you need from your precious negatives.

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