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Rolls of Film

Rolls of Film

SKU: 217537123517253

Due to the nature of film and the many varieties and development processes used through the ages, we ask that film is sent to us for an estimate. We charge a small deposit per roll and will apply that deposit towards the development fee if approved. Some film cannot be developed any longer as chemistry may no longer exist, that said, we can develop almost all types of film as long as chemistry is availble in our full-service lab. We process 1000's of rolls a week from color, black and white and slide film to APS and beyond.


*If estimate to develop film is not approved, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. If the estimate is approved we will apply the deposit towards the processing. If a roll is provided that can no longer be processed due to unavailibity of chemistry, you will be refunded 80% of the deposit for the film provided to cover shipping costs and labor.


*We will total the number of your items once they arrive. No work will begin until your final estimate is approved. If the number of items matches what was provided here, the estimate will not change.

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